How you can share Journey of York

Journey of York Book Cover

The first two months have been great for the Journey of York! Thank you to all of you who have shared and purchased for family, friends, libraries, and classrooms. I have been sending out information on the book and ramping up my York Explorer one-man show to get back on the road.

If you’d like to help spread the word, you can:

  1. Share the book with anyone who reads to kids. This is the perfect gift for parents, grandparents, or teachers. The book is available at all the usual places…especially your local independent booksellers!
  2. If you’d like to see me come to your school and perform/speak to kids and teachers, share this page with your administration, librarian, or family services coordinator:

Thank you for your support as we get the word out!

Journey of York Featured on #19PBbios

19 new picture book bios

We are thrilled to be featured as one of the 19 new diverse picture book biographies released in 2019 on #19PBbios. These diverse PB bios are gorgeous and important and already on the shelves! See our listing and the other 18 amazing books at

People in children’s publishing have called this moment “the golden age of picture book biographies.” These past few years have brought a fresh, new spin on the old view of picture book biographies (PB bios).

No longer dry, birth-to-death, lists of facts, PB bios are now creative, colorful, and innovative in how they present real people’s lives. They draw kids in. They focus on moments, themes, or little-known people or places. They excite librarians, educators and parents. They’re works of art.

–Meg Pincus of #19PBbios,

Journey of York Reviewed on Macsbooks

Journey of York Book Cover

I am feeling humbled and blessed by the sincere and powerful feedback from readers or THE JOURNEY OF YORK. Thank you Macsbooks for your thoughtful reflections!

I think this is an absolute must-read for all young American readers, for teachers of young students, parents, and perhaps even adults who are clueless regarding the real heroes of the expedition. I love Lewis and Clark but I know, without a doubt, where the credit for their expedition’s success truly lies.

Read the full review here.