I motivate and train role models and organizations who work with youth to continue their good work and develop the next generation of leaders.

I motivate and train role models who work with youth to continue their good work and develop the next generation of leaders.

How do we ensure that every child achieves their greatest potential?

This question lies at the heart of the national dialogue on education and juvenile justice policy.

It is the foundation for the day-in and day-out work of teachers and youth development specialists and it is core to the hopes and dreams of every parent. Central to this is how we succeed with ALL children, including those who are facing the most serious barriers to success: poverty, violence, trauma, disabilities and low expectation.

I help leaders to develop the next generation of young people.

I create hope dealers.

I inspire leaders to see themselves as pivotal change agents in the development of youth.

I provide them with the tools they need to engage, encourage, and empower the youth in their communities.

I do this by ensuring:

  • young people have hope and resilience
  • educators have the capacity to support and build resilience in young people
  • organizations do their work in ways that children and youth are at the center and by living out their mission to serve kids

Trainer & Consultant

Of all the resources that a school or organization has, the most important is their people. Hasan provides technical assistance to executive leaders designed to accelerate their impact and their organizations’ impact. His coaching, facilitation and training provides opportunities for leaders to vision and plan for their own growth and their organization’s growth.

Hasan provides professional development designed to engage, encourage, and empower staff. His training sessions are interactive and utilize multiple creative mediums. Participants write, they play games, and they share their own stories. Hasan has provided training to educators during school district opening days, to youth workers at continuing education sessions, and to youth advocates at conferences.

Hasan teaching educators


Hasan is the author of two books. Written Off is the culmination of a lifetime of love and lessons that have shaped his personal journey from a young man in crisis to a champion for children. It has been used in college social work courses, in higher education first year initiative programs, and in reading groups for alternative school staff.

His first children’s book, The Journey of York: The Unsung Hero of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (published Jan 1, 2019), tells the story of the only African American on the Lewis and Clark expedition. At a 3rd grade reading level and with gorgeous illustrations, this is the perfect book for:

  • Virtual One School, One Book programs
  • Peer mentoring programs (high school – elementary school mentoring sessions)
  • Centerpiece for Family Engagement Nights


Part stand-up comedian, part storyteller, part statistician; Hasan invites audiences on an emotional experience. Sharing his journey from Juvenile Delinquent to Juris Doctor, Hasan is proof positive that great things can happen when adults champion the lives of children. Few can receive a standing ovation from a room of Wall Street bankers and an auditorium of maximum-security inmates – Hasan has.

Hasan speaking on stage
Hasan as York


Hasan brings history alive and gives voice to overlooked heroes through his theatrical performances of: 

  • York: Explorer
  • A.A. Burleigh: Civil War Soldier
  • Joe Louis: America’s Champion

Hasan brings to light the stories of the people of color who have been present at all points of our great history.

Hasan’s one-man shows are a superb example of experiential, interactive learning that is engaging for adults as well as youth. Hasan has presented to groups ranging from corporations, colleges, historical organizations, public libraries, schools, prisons, to churches in over 37 states.

Clients Include

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What Students Are Saying

Thank you so much for that amazing speech. It really hit me because like you when you were my age, I have the same trouble. I’m from Detroit, MI, and I have been through all the same things you went through. I thought fighting was the only way out, but it got me in lots of trouble with friends, family, and the police. Like you I changed, I have become a new girl. Thank you for showing me I’m not alone.

Julie S. | Age 14, Detroit, MI

Today you made me think that me and my life has a purpose. I have never really thought much of myself but today you changed everything. I would like to give you my thanks, so THANK YOU!!! You are a really inspiring guy.

Justin C. | Student

I’ll admit that when I walked into that gym I was prepared to snooze the hour away while some guy stood on stage and droned on and on about morals and doing well in school. However, let me assure you, I didn’t sleep a wink with you up there. Something got through to me: DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT, you do what is right and you can never lose. Thank you.

Melissa L. | Student

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